Key West Time starring Howard Livingston The Trailer

Key West Time starring Howard Livingston - The Trailer "THE #1 HIT TV SERIES FROM THE FLORIDA KEYS!" In Over 33 Million Households Coast to Coast - Nationwide! Read More

Episode 1: “Staycation”

Opening in Howard’s waterfront backyard with a fun loving group of friends partying, Read More

Episode 2: “Una Mas Cerveza”

Howard dives the Atocha, learns about Iguanas & prepares Shrimp Ceviche plus performs “Una Mas Cerveza” Read More

Episode 3: “Looe Key Tiki Bar”

Howard visits the Underwater Music Festival, grills Florida Keys Lobster & Shrimp and performs “Looe Key Tiki Bar” Read More

Episode 4: “Meet Me In The Keys”

Howard visits Bahia Honda, grills Mahi, celebrate Flagler's railroad & performs “Meet Me In The Keys” Read More

Episode 5: “Come Back As Me”

Howard sings “Come Back As Me” at the Turtle Kraals, & Fishes the Reef with Capt. Scott and cooks his catch Read More

Episode 6: “Clicking My Heels”

Howard sings “Clicking My Heels” is philosophical & meets Parrot Heads, Lucy Buffett reminices & cooks Read More

Episode 7: “Blame it on the Margaritas”

Howard sings “Blame it On The Margaritas” takes a bike tour with Cyndy, races turtles, & visits the Eco Discovery Center Read More

Episode 8: ““Screensaver” “

Howard sings “Screensaver” He snorkels, jet skis & Parasails. Chef Alex Beaumont grills Coffee Chipotle Pork Read More

Episode 9: ” Living on Key West Time”

Howard the pirate & Fantasy Fest parade marshal performs “Living On Key West Time” Read More

Episode 10: “Where Bananas Grow”

Howard sings “Where Bananas Grow” and visits the Food & Wine Festival. There’s food, drink, music and Solar Art. Read More

Episode 11: “Leave This Island”

Howard sings “Leave this Island”, blows a Conch Shell, sees the Hemingway Days Festival & looks for Ghosts Read More

Episode 12: “Love Is So Easy”

Howard sings “Love Is So Easy” Grammy nominated James Slater chats & shares music. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa Read More

Episode 13 “Sailing To I Don’t Know”

Howard sings “Sailing To I Don’t Know”, Key West Harbor by boat, visits Sunset Celebration, makes Key Lime Pie Read More

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