Season 1 – Episode 12: “Love Is So Easy”


Episode #12: “Love Is So Easy”
Initial Airing January 27, 2011

 In Over 33 Million Households Coast to Coast – Nationwide! 

Howard chats with twice Grammy nominated singer/songwriter James T. Slater in the yellow chairs on his dock. James plays some of his music with Howard. He plays a medley of “In My Daughter’s Eyes”, “That’s Why God Made Mexico”, “Unstoppable” and finally “Key West Address” the song that got James the Key to the City of Key West.

Howard and Cyndy take a launch out to, the remote and luxurious Little Palm Island Resort and Spa. Award winning Chef Luis Pous shows Howard how to create a Florida Lobster Salad. The Lobster is grilled to perfection and the combination of salads, citrus and peppers makes this elegant recipe something you’ll want to re-create at home. Howard and Cynderella enjoy a romantic waterside lunch with a glass of Rosé.

Then, poolside at the resort, they have bartender Belinda Cromp show them how to make a “Gumby Slumber”. It’s the Cocktail that greets guests when they first arrive to this exotic Island resort.

Howard sings “Love Is So Easy”, joined by James Slater and the Mile Marker 24 Band. The song is a tribute to his love for his wife Cyndy



  1. Bought a house in Aruba to get away from the hurricanes wish it was Key West!

    Linda Barton on January 27th, 2011
  2. Love all the episodes, but the newest is fantastic! Thanks so much for going to Little Palm Island and having Chef Pous show us how to make their Florida Lobster Salad….a nice way to have a little slice of the Keys with us all the time! Keep the wonderful shows coming Howard, we love you and Cyndy and hope to meet you all in person one day. Thanks for keeping us in that Keys state of mind year round!


    Lyn Garneau on January 27th, 2011
  3. I have been to key west twice last year and coming this June, I just can’t get enough..Howard you are great. I hope I could hear you sing one of the times I visit The Keys’s

    Sharon on January 28th, 2011
  4. Too nice – Howard.
    great job, kinda makes me think back to arriving in Key West 25 years ago last July – and you know, it really hasn’t changed that much – bout the cost of inflation – CPI.

    i just feel so lucky to be here and to have experienced a Qtr century of the best times and people you could imagine. reinforced by the fact that 3 million visitors annually agree with me. Mr. Livingston i presume 🙂

    County Commissioner George Neugent on January 28th, 2011
  5. My husband and I have been to Key West 3 times and can not wait to return!!

    Great show!!!!!

    Kim Goodwin on January 29th, 2011
  6. I have been watching R&R tv on Directv and today Monday it’s gone. What happened?

    phil purtee on January 31st, 2011
  7. DirecTV hic-up…will be back on by 2P tomorrow.

    craig on January 31st, 2011
  8. Love Howard, love the show, moving there as soon as I can!

    Leon Schlice on February 1st, 2011
  9. Love Key West and love this show-each time I watch an episode I feel like I am there all over again! Especially love Episode #12.

    Deborah Livingston on August 23rd, 2011
  10. When do this season’s shows start? Also, are you going to keep last season’s shows posted on this site to be watched later?

    JoDeShaneel on September 22nd, 2011
  11. We’re in talks….thanks for watching. Yes all shows will stay on the site.

    craig on September 25th, 2011
  12. Love the show! Hoping to head down and spend the winter come hell or high water, literally!

    Duane Schiller on June 2nd, 2012
  13. I first encountered the song “Key West Address” on the “Thongs in the Key of Life, Vol. IV” album. My favorite line is: “We don’t have a town drunk; we all take turns.” To hear James and Howie say the same thing – what can I say!

    Tom Dentel on September 4th, 2013
  14. My wife and I have been to Key West a number of times, and as of yet, we have not been lucky enough to see Howard Livingston and his show!

    Allen & Laura Williams on October 23rd, 2013

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