Episode 7: “Blame it on the Margaritas”


Episode #7: “Blame it on the Margaritas”
Initial Airing December 16, 2010

 In Over 33 Million Households Coast to Coast – Nationwide! 

Howard visits the Studios of Key West and talks with Artists Fran Decker and Dick Moody. They talk about the Art Bikes they’ve created for an upcoming benefit auction.
     Howard and Cyndy go on a Bike Tour of Key West and taste tropical fruits. The tour finishes at the Eco Discovery Center, a cutting edge mini museum of the environment next to Fort Zachary Taylor. They see a venemous Lion Fish– the greatest current threat to reef fish.
     Howard has Oysters at the Half Shell Raw Bar and then helps with the hysterical Turtle Races. Howard enjoys a tropical cocktail called a Florida Madras at the Turtle Kraals Tower Bar.
     At the end of the Episode, Howard and the Mile Marker 24 band play “Blame it on the Margaritas” to a crowd of friends and fans at the Turtle Kraals.



  1. Craig & Howard,

    I really love the show! The latest episode with the bike tour was great. I cannot wait for the “Season One” DVD set. Looking forward to a trip to Ft. Jefferson. Thanks for showing the world that there is more to KW than Margaritaville and Sloppy Joes. I wish somehow that R&R could put up the metadata for episode name and show information on DirecTV. It seems to be an overall issue with R&R. Keep up the good work. I going to head to the kitchen and get another cup of Baby’s Coffee.



    Pete Saetre on December 18th, 2010
  2. It’s like a visit home. Thanks so much for making this available. I can’t get “down” there anymore. I remember when I lived there that the only direction to travel was called “up” and when we traveled around the country, no one had heard of Key West so we had to draw them a map.
    I remember when Jimmy Buffet first came to town and Mel Fisher came to look for the ATOCHA and the Conch culture was still intact and they spoke the Conch accent.
    A good day”s entertainment was to ride a bike down the cozy flowered lanes or go for a day of snorkeling, spear fishing, lobstering or collecting tropicals for our aquarium. Thanks again. Key West is still home in my heart.

    REBECCA Fedor on December 23rd, 2010
  3. You got something here. Great show. Realy enjoyed it.

    wayne morgan on December 25th, 2010
  4. love the show!! keep em comming

    chuck willard on January 2nd, 2011
  5. I consider Key West my childhood home .I love all things Key West !

    Linda Clouston Wendt on October 14th, 2012
  6. Cayo Hueso

    Linda Clouston Wendt on October 14th, 2012

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