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Carol Shaughnessy | Sep. 23, 2010 

No matter what your actual U.S. or international time zone, beginning Nov. 4 you can find tropical relaxation on “Key West Time” — thanks to a new TV series produced and shot in the Florida Keys and hosted by Keys singer/songwriter Howard Livingston. 
“Key West Time” guest Sir Peter Anderson“Key West Time” guest Sir Peter Anderson, secretary general of the Keys’ Conch Republic and Howard (right) pause for a frosty libation from Howard’s wacky boat motor/blender.

“Key West Time Starring Howard Livingston” showcases the laid-back Keys lifestyle through Howard’s eyes — with additional insights from his wife Cyndy, members of his Mile Marker 24 Band, and a changing cast of local and visiting characters (believe me, we have characters galore!). 

Keys landmarks, special events, history, popular hangouts, fishing and diving, fabulous food, environmental wonders and easygoing atmosphere are all featured in a lively, enticing manner. They’re complemented by Keys-inspired tunes from Howard and the band — tunes so infectious that you’ll find yourself swaying to the beat and singing along, whether you know the lyrics or not. 

Howard, who has appeared on several national morning shows, is shown here with Al Roker during a live "Today" show broadcast in Key West. (Photo by Andy Newman, Florida Keys News Bureau) Howard, who has appeared on several national morning shows, is shown here with Al Roker during a live “Today” show broadcast in Key West. (Photo by Andy Newman, Florida Keys News Bureau) 

“The backdrop is the local side of the Keys, and there’s a lot of spontaneity — you’re hanging out with us,” said Howard, who tours the U.S. with Mile Marker 24 and has appeared on national TV shows including “Good Morning America.” 

Previews of the “Key West Time” are now posted on The program itself is scheduled to debut nationally Nov. 4 on the R & R television network, seen on DirecTV channel 354. Each episode will air Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST and repeat Sundays at 7:30 p.m. EST and Tuesdays at 11 p.m. EST. In addition, it will appear on Untamed Sports TV for Comcast and Capital Broadcasting viewers. 

Producer and Keys resident Craig Hollenback has guided the development of "Key West Time." Producer and Keys resident Craig Hollenback has guided the development of “Key West Time.” 

Don’t worry if you miss an episode, though — after its televised airing, each one will be archived and available on-demand at so any time can be “Key West Time.” One of the show’s most appealing elements is the passion for the Keys Howard projects in his music and conversation — a passion that inspired the unhappy Chicago businessman to become a carefree, fulfilled musician who lives on the water in the Lower Keys

The “Key West Time” title comes from one of his most popular songs, written on a business trip to China before he abandoned his northern life and assembled the band. 

“We were sitting in a meeting and they were trying to figure out what time it was in the States, because there was like a 12-hour time difference,” Howard recalled. “I said, ‘I don’t care what time it is — I’m living on Key West time.’ That night I wrote the song.” 

Thanks to Howard's vision and passion for his Keys home, television viewers too can live on "Key West Time." Thanks to Howard’s vision and passion for his Keys home, television viewers can escape their cares to live on “Key West Time.” 

The program is produced by Howard and veteran video/communications pro Craig Hollenback, whose Conch Republic Media Group was named for the Keys’ “official” nickname. 

“It’s not a cliché to say that Howard’s music is the soundtrack to a lifestyle,” said Gail Hollenback, Craig’s wife and business partner. “We all live it, and we wanted to produce the show to share our Keys lifestyle with the rest of the world.” 

Upcoming episodes spotlight the Sunset Celebration at Key West’s Mallory Square, a party in Howard’s oceanfront backyard, an on-the-water concert in the Lower Keys, the history of the Conch Republic, treasure diving, Key West’s outrageous Fantasy Fest, a tour of beloved local watering holes and the sinking of the vessel Vandenberg as an artificial reef. 

Equally important, each one offers a lighthearted escape from everyday cares. 

“No matter what’s going on in your life, our show is going to take you to a wonderful place and make you feel better,” said Howard. “It’s positive, it’s upbeat and it’s real.”



  1. I was channel-surfing and came across Key West Time and had to investigate. This episode had Hogfish Bar on it, and it’s one of our favorite places. We’ve been to Key West many times and love everything about it. We were familiar with Howard’s band too. I think I got a CD at a Meeting of the Minds one year. It’s great to have a TV show about Key West that we can watch every week. Can’t wait to see the new episode. We will be regular watchers.

    Lynn & Bob on November 14th, 2010
  2. Really love Key West Time! It’s wonderful to learn more about my favorite 3 miles on Earth and just makes me wanna go back sooner!

    Doug G. on December 4th, 2010
  3. Thanks, Howard for bringing to light what a great life we have here in the keys. Three years ago, my wife Leah and I came to the keys for a second chance at life. We were always way to wrapped up in the distractions to life up north. My six year old son, Jeff and I drive back and forth to Key West singing your songs. He can’t wait to see himself on your upcoming episode aboard the fury for the sunset cruise. Thanks to the Key West Time folks and the crew of the fury for inviting all off us to join you that night, we had a great time.
    I hope your show inspires thousands of “unknown” friends to come share some time in the Keys with us and take a little Key West attitude home with them. And, yes we’re now livin’ on Key West time.

    John J. sugarloaf key on December 13th, 2010
  4. Thanks for the memories…we recently bought a condo in Key West but haven’t spent too much time there. Your show brought us back to the place we love the most and we’re looking forward to sitting back and relaxing in Key West when we retire next year (instead of sitting in the blizzard we’re now experiencing) . We’ll be watching every show until we get there and are able to see you in person.

    Lanie & Pete on December 26th, 2010
  5. We stayed a week on Conch Key April a year ago. It was a present to myself for my 65th b’day. Our daughter & her boyfriend accompanied my wife and I since it was her b’day also. We arrived on Sat afternoon. The next day the boyfriend became fiancee and on Thursday became my son-in-law. There might be a song in there somewhere.

    Jerry ODell on June 10th, 2011

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