“The Famous Titanic”
Posted November 28, 2010 by
Prep 2 min Cook 2 min Ready 4 min Servings: 2 servings



Andy Sharf of the Sunset Grille & Raw Bar | Seven Mile Bridge The Famous Titanic

This 48 oz fishbowl drink is made for 2 but is enough for 4 It has 4 fruit Rums and Curacao as a stand-in for deep blue seawater Into your fish bowl half full of ice combine equal amounts of Orange Rum (1 oz) Coconut Rum (1 oz) Pineapple Rum (1oz) Banana Rum (1oz) Top off with 8 oz Ginger Ale and with 8 oz of Pineapple Juice Add two straws You'll have and Instant Party Ahoy Mates, let’s hope for the best.