“Grilled Pineapple Sundays with  Key Lime Rum Honey Glaze”
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Grilled Pineapple Ice Cream Sundaes with Key Lime Rum Honey Glaze

Courtesy of Chef Alice Weingarten  Ingredients: 1 - Pineapple pealed and sliced 1/4 inch thick I like Vanilla Ice cream but use your the flavor of your choice a nice few are Coconut, Mango, or Sorbet will all work. For Key Lime Rum Honey Glaze Ingredients: 1/4- cup Fresh Key Lime Juice 1/2 - cup Orange Blossom Honey (you can use wild flower, clover, light flavored Honey) 1/4 - cup of your favorite Rum Mix all these ingredients together. You can make this with out rum just add your fruit juice of choice. Also add just the sweetness to your liking this is fun and easy, like cooking should be. For Garnish Ingredients: 1/2 - cup toasted coconut Berries and or Kiwi Fruit for garnish Let's Grill Procedure Make sure you grill is always hot before you grill anything  Brush the slices of pineapple with the Key Lime Rum Honey(if you have the time let the pineapple soak in glaze up to over night)place on grill let grill a bit. This will be different from grill to grill. Don't move till you get nice lines grill marks on pineapple, then turn the pineapple 1/4 turn to make lines in other direction. This is how we get those diamond grill makes. Brush Pineapples with Glaze as they grill. Do this to both side of your Pineapple slices. Cut in quarters or smaller and build your Sundays. Pour you left over glaze over your Sunday at end. Enjoy