“Key West Pink Shrimp Boil”
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“Key West Pink Shrimp Boil”

Courtesy of Hogfish Bar & Grill, on the Shrimp Docks in “Downtown” Stock Island, Florida Ingredients for Shrimp Boil 1 -lb fresh raw shrimp - a 1/4 lb for each serving (Preferable fresh Key West Pink Shrimp) 2 Lobster Tails raw cut in half 6 small lemons cut in half dipped in Old Bay spice 12-16 small baby potatoes- 4 for each serving pre-cooked 4 corn on the cob - cooked & cut in half or thirds 4 smoked sausages pre-cooked each cut into 4 or 5 pieces each 1 bottle of beer (optional) 1 medium onion 2 bunches of fresh cilantro Old Bay Spice Melted butter 4 bay leaves Cilantro 1.In a large pot of boiling water add 2 quartered lemons, onion, beer, Old Bay and salt 2.First pre-cook the baby potatoes, corn on the cob and sausages in the spiced water 3.Cool and Cut the cooked ingredients 4.Cut the Lobster tails in half and clean away vein 5.Into each of 4 mesh bags place;  a 1/4 lb raw Shrimp and a half Lobster Tail – (leave the shells on for better flavor and have each person shell their own serving). Add 2-3 Corn on the Cob pieces and 4 or 5 pieces of Sausage Into the bag add 3-4 New Potatoes and the 2 half Lemons Put in a bay leaf and some cilantro 6.Tie the mesh bag and fully immerse into a pot of boiling water 7.After 7 to 8 minutes pull out the bag 8.Cut open the mesh bag to plate up the meal, 9.Garnish with more Cilantro and melted Butter *Consider the Shrimp Boil as an alternative to a BBQ Serves 4